Graffiti slogans in Tehran by the secret leftist group, Aftabkaran

Aftabkaran is a secret leftist group inside Iran which has been active in recent years. Their main activities are installing posters, graffitiing slogans and distributing flyers in the city of Tehran and its suburbs. The content of their political artefacts is aligned with the struggles of the working class and mass uprisings in Iran.

Here is the statement they released after their latest slogan graffiti:

Tomorrow we will be present in places that they cannot even dream of. You are hearing us from the streets of uprising. And now to stay loyal to the slogans of these revolting people, we have painted their words on the walls of Enghelab and Motahari streets to not forget which voices are raised on the streets. This is the echo of the bright days of the future if we find our friends and comrades in the continuation of this ongoing war and prepare for the battles that are coming. 

Those who want to determine the task of “peaceful transition” from above, of course, send messages of solidarity, call themselves “leaders of the uprising” in interviews with non-Persian publications, form alliances to coordinate our struggles, promise from afar that in days they will stop working and at night, they protest in the street and join hands to save “Iranian culture and civilization”.

Our problem in the street is the fate of the people, the fate of the downtrodden masses, the fate of women fighters, the fate of oppressed peoples. Our uprising is the uprising of the fringes, the uprising of all those who are marginalized and “famous faces” abroad are worried about their civilization. Of course, we also painted the main and strategic slogan of this uprising on these walls so that we don’t forget that the days of this uprising were the days of “women”, “life” and “freedom”. A slogan that went from city to city and has shaken all the structures of oppression so much that they have come to fight back with “man” and “homeland” along with the street repression squads. These walls will be the proof of the uprising of Jina, the uprising of life.

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