Militants of Central Khorasan against the coalition: We know what we want!

Militants of Central Khorasan issued a statement in response to the nominal coalition among known individuals from the right-wing opposition to the Islamic Republic. The toppled Shah’s son, Reza Pahlavi, Masih Alinejad, Hamed Esmaeilion, and Nazanin Boniadi are examples of these individuals, each twitted the same post calling 2023 the year of unity among Iranians on new year’s eve. The statement is as follows:

The formation of cross-class coalitions is inevitable in a class-divided society and their nature tends to reflect the relations between classes. We are not afraid of any coalition (formation), but only criticize them.

 They must state what they want.

The current movement of the Iranian people has explicitly declared its message.

Woman; is perceived as a break from the sovereignty of religion and any form of paternalism. It rejects all forms of centralism and autocratic leadership, be it the Supreme Leader, Shah, Imam, patriarchal system or any political party. 

Life; is perceived as going beyond the stage of necessities and entering the realm of freedom. That is, seeking equality and comprehensive justice. Life means establishing preliminaries which are every human’s primary and natural rights. 

Free and high-quality education in order to meet the individual and social needs of all the members of the society by providing a ground for critical thinking and learning how to live life without imposing any ideas.

Free healthcare, decent housing, permanent employment, retirement planning for everybody and all the requirements that are supposed to provide a life in which a human being is able to live in comfort and with dignity; a condition in which everyone can live.

Liberty: is perceived as liberation of human beings from any constraint that binds thoughts, due to the preservation of a minority’s interests or confrontation with the religious, political and ideological beliefs of others. Freedom means the freedom of dissidents, it means the possibility of establishing independent political and cultural institutions; the right to protest and strike. It means the direct immediate involvement of people in the self-determination processes. It is perceived as the liberation of people from the constraints of any form of centralism and implies management by workers’ councils at national and regional levels. 

Our ideal platform is council communism. We believe that any form of centralism and all decision-making processes that are based on individuals can not meet the ideals of those who are fighting and those who lost their lives in the struggle. The slogan ‘Woman, Life, Liberty’ represents a radical political current that seeks to grasp things by the root, it demands fundamental changes in all forms of old rotten relations. 

The new political movement in Iran is inherently leftist, since it breaks from the religion, patriarchal system and centralism and, at the same time, is on its path to establishing new economic relations which seek common welfare, abolition of exploitation, peaceful relationship with other nations, and above everything else, equality between all the ethnicities/nations living in this geographical area. 

Militants of Central Khorasan

January 2023

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