Revolutionary Youth of Marivan in Kurdistan Province, Iran — Announcement No.2

To the freedom fighter citizens of Marivan,
To progressive teachers, parents, and school students
Getting organized is the main tool in struggles and setting up demands. We have all witnessed breathtaking student strikes and protests and were excited one more time by their awareness, knowledge, and slogans. School girls Chanting ‘Women, Life, Liberty’, ‘No head scarf, No contempt’, ‘Freedom and equality’, ‘Unemployment, Exploitation, Compulsory Hijab for women’, while waving their hijabs in the air, prove that all state policies in schools have failed.
You, teachers, and parents in the struggle!
The generation, present in the middle of struggles, does not keep quiet since they don’t want the oppressive ruling class to trample on their dreams and wishes anymore. Adolescents are familiar and have lived with the pain and poverty of their families and manifest their hatred for those who caused them this situation by chanting ‘Down with the dictator’, ‘We are all Mahsa, you fight us and we fight you back’. Society, especially teachers and parents, have a great responsibility toward their conscious, brave children.
At the same time, creating school students’ organizations, similar to college students’ organizations, womens’ organizations and collectives, and so on, will raise the level of our knowledge and our solidarity.
We, the Revolutionary Youth of Marivan, call all school students, college students, women, and other youth in neighborhoods to get united and organized in autonomous collectives and independent councils. Our struggle alongside women and workers’ movements could help us to win through the tempest of battle with the oppressive rulers. Stay strong!

Viva freedom, equality, and independent councils

Revolutionary Youth of Marivan
October 12, 2022

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