The militants of Central Khorasan announced their formation

The militants of Central Khorasan issued a short statement to announce their formation:

The history of Khorasan [located in the eastern part of Iran] is a reminder of struggle, and concurrently, oppression and genocide. The current repressive reactionary ruling power has expropriated culture, art, life and even names in favor of its bloody hegemony and domination. Hereby we announce ourselves as ‘The militants of Central Khorasan’.

Their second statement emphesizes on the importance of organization within the movement:

Who awaits a definitive and immediate outcome, might cease pursuing and continuing their revolutionary movement, they might get disappointed or even spread disappointment to the whole society.

The victory of the revolution and overthrow of the oppressive, discriminative, and criminal ruling power is the outcome of the balance of power among all involved forces, although we believe that the struggling people and youth have already had their most significant achievement, resulting from their conscious efforts, which is going beyond the political and religious culture of the reactionary regime.

We believe in conscious action, we don’t leave anything to itself, we plan, get prepared and organize ourselves, but we are not so optimistic to have forgotten that there is necessarily no certainty in social movements; we comprehend the ups and downs of the movement, however, we get prepared for the next uprisings, which, due to experiences gained and a new balance of power, will be undoubtedly more effective. Hope, awareness, and organized actions are our keys to victory. Throughout the struggle, we discover our methods.

We don’t forget the ones who, all through the history of this land, lost their lives to achieve and establish freedom and justice.

‘The militants of Central Khorasan’

December 2022

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