Revolutionary and equality-seeking women of Kurdistan call for mass organizations of women

Women’s oppression is one of the primary fuels for the Jina revolutionary uprising. Women have a crucial and progressive role in the movement, but more is needed since gaining and maintaining women’s achievements depends upon independent mass organization. There is a concern that in the absence of organized women’s struggles, once more our perspectives and demands will be overshadowed by the overthrow of the state, as happened in the 1979 uprising. Women mentioned it back then in their demonstrations, chanting: “at the dawn of freedom, women’s rights are still being denied”. For this reason, through formulating the major demands of women and turning them into everyday slogans of freedom-seeking men and women, the underground networks and mass movements of equality-seeking women and men try to guarantee women’s liberation as one of the main goals of the current revolutionary movement.

Specific and progressive women’s demands clarify the line of demarcation between revolutionary forces and reactionary misogynist currents. Progressive organized women will always be a burden on the shoulders of advocates of patriarchy and capitalism, and a launchpad for the ideal of freedom and equality. Underground networks of freedom-seeking women strive to provide solidarity and gather forces so that the women’s movement is able to quickly create, when possible, an independent women’s organization with greater possibilities and in a coalition of forces.

Progressive women and men in the society do not settle for less than full gender equality and believe that achieving freedom is impossible without equality. As such, the mass organization of women is an essential tool and one of the most important ones to attain freedom. We, the revolutionary and equality-seeking women, are calling on all freedom-seeking women and men to support us by all possible means to achieve the following goals:

Suggestions for starting field activities by underground committees of revolutionary and freedom-seeking women in current situation: 

  1. Organizing committees of three to five equality-seeking women in schools; among family circles; universities; hospitals and social service centers; workshops and factories; cities and villages; and urban areas.
  2. In addition to supporting the movement, emphasizing and strengthening equality-seeking slogans in protest rallies in schools; universities; work centers; neighborhoods and streets. 
  3. Opposing sexist, offensive, reactionary words and slogans and terms in which women are being objectified or treated as men’s belongings, at the community level.
  4. Publicizing women’s demands on placards, in group videos and photos in indoor and outdoor spaces (in which people’s faces are not recognizable ), through performing arts, distributing pamphlets, announcements and other protest art initiatives.
  5. Explaining specific women’s demands in the form of notes, videos, posters, etc.
  6. Writing progressive slogans which advocate women’s rights and demands on the walls 
  7. Raising the level of mental preparation of women through all these activities, and emphasizing the necessity of creating an independent women’s organization as soon as possible.


Viva mass organizations of women

Revolutionary and equality-seeking women of Kurdistan

December 2022

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