Slingers links Iranians’ local and international struggles as part of a broader movement research platform to amplify new formations around social justice.  Such a participatory and collective platform nurtures the exchange of analysis and experiences within and beyond our diasporic struggles to build communities that confront and live beyond power and capital.

Our capacity to resist and live without borders, capitalist relations, and sexual violence, among other desired horizons of liberation, is mutually dependent upon our capacity to reproduce our communities emotionally and materially beyond such dominant frameworks. Such an aim necessitates reflections articulated through individually or collectively written texts, interviews, poetry, art, and timely updates on emerging actions and campaigns. 

Slingers was initiated by the Manjanigh collective – (Manjanigh=Catapult), a group of Iranians who, broadly speaking, responded to present-day conditions of oppression affecting migrants within a Marxist framework and committed to an autonomous mode of self-organization. In this vein, the Manjanigh collective has allowed us to reflect on- and link our condition as migrants with the lived experiences of so many other Middle Eastern and African migrants, among other parts of the world. Manjanigh is one voice within a broader assembly of people globally reclaiming their political subjectivity in response to displacement, war, and economic exploitation, among other forms of violence.   

The Manjanigh collective is organized within the following working groups: 

The Magazine – publishes special editions, articles, booklets, translations of established and emerging leftist thinkers and historical texts, short films, videos, poetry, literature, and other texts

Street Roots – Manjanigh’s Berlin-based local group which organizes events and participates in joint street actions with leftist groups from other parts of the world, with a general focus on the Middle East and refugee self-organization

Forbidden Archives working group – which exposes events, materials, and themes censored in contemporary Iranian history

Working group on worker’s struggles – which delves into workers’ self-organization, labor laws, workers’ oppression, their emancipatory struggles, etc. 

Radio HichKids / former Radio Rhizome – a radio podcast that offers a layered political, economic, and social analysis of different issues related to Iran

Working group that strives for the better self-organization and networking of migrants within different European countries.

We invite friends globally to join the editorial team of Slingers and its different working groups. Internationalism and communism is not a cliché slogan but a means to live community by any means necessary.