We don’t need an attorney, we stand up for ourselves

As the revolution goes on, the real faces of those who are afraid of overturning the dominant economic, political and cultural structures become more visible.

This time, the worn-out scenario of giving ‘power of attorney’ to Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Shah, has brought out the thinking of various tendencies more clearly and transparently than ever before. Of course, we welcome this. Let people and the suppressed masses know the ones who belittle and ignore their struggles and sacrifices, and appoint them a paternalistic leader. We are standing on the opposite side,  we, the ones producing wealth for the society, and bearing the costs of this revolution; why should we turn to someone else?

As we already said,  the coalitions supported by imperialist governments are unstable, since it is not an easy task to build an alliance of political wheeler-dealers who pursue their own interests in their own ways, especially right in front of infuriated people who have experienced oppression under both monarchy and Islamic capitalism. So far, Hamed Esmaeelion has left the coalition, and three of the allies have not yet joined the campaign to give power of attorney to his majesty! Although this act is legally meaningless and is more of a propaganda act, it seems that the right-wing alternative pursues two goals by giving power of attorney to Reza Pahlavi. First is to assess public opinion in Iran regarding the cards the imperialists have up their sleeves, and perhaps find proponents, even a few, for themselves. Although this policy is not new, and has not achieved any goal yet. Haven’t all the mainstream media served 24/7 to whitewash the oppressiveness of Monarchy and its crimes? Second, by keeping people busy and distracted, they buy as much time as possible for the Islamic Republic, or to reach an agreement with the leaders of IRGC.

Conceptually speaking, we do not make a substantive distinction between giving power of attorney to a couple of people to represent us in the Parliament, or to one person to run the affairs of the country, or a combination of both.

In our opinion, the right-wing alternative, regardless of its figures, continues to protect the sovereignty of capital. Reza Pahlavi or the coalition still wants to enslave the society in the way of capitalist production, and to exploit the working class. Not only they don’t act in line with the revolution, but just like the Islamic regime, they are our real enemies and the enemies of this revolutionary uprising. 

Therefore, once again, we repeat that our efforts and our goal are aimed towards the widespread and massive organization of the people and specifically the working class. We believe that by relying on an organized, coherent, disciplined and nationwide force, this revolution can be accomplished. A revolution in which the mode of production is not for profit, but to meet the needs of society and with the direct participation of the people.

January 2023

Militant revolutionary women of Kurdistan

Women rights activists-Sanandaj

Revolutionary Youth of Kamkaran

Revolutionary Youth of Piranshahr

Revolutionary Committee of Ghazvin

Revolutionary Youth of Sanandaj

Revolutionary Youth of Jawroud

Revolutionary Youth Council of Dezli

Red Revolutionary Youth Committee of Mahabad

Uprising Committee of Neyshabour

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