Announcement by the revolutionary youth of Marivan in Kurdistan province, Iran

Announcement No.1
To the militant citizens of Marivan

Your mass uprising started in protest against the tragic death of Shlir Rasouli and continued along with the protests throughout the country, which were triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini, murdered by the state. Today, 23 days since the beginning of the Mahsa Uprising, over 100 cities, 50 universities and dozens of schools have joined these mass protests. College students, school students and teachers joined the mass uprising in a variety of ways and once again students at Sharif University became the advocates of freedom. Since the very first day, the youth in the neighborhoods have been in the middle of this struggle. People in Kurdistan combined the tactics of general strikes with street protests, and the Islamic State’s oppressive forces brutally massacred dozens of people on the Black Friday of Baluchistan, September 30. Workers in oil and petrol industries are partly on strike and other workers all over the country have threatened the government with more widespread strikes. In a word, the continuation of protests has gradually provided the essential opportunity for getting organized.

The current political situation will never return to the point it was before the Mahsa Uprising. Progressive women step ahead as the pioneers of the protests. Women, who have grasped the opportunity of raising their voices after being oppressed and dominated for years and years of tyranny, women, who have scented the breeze of liberty, women, who are dancing enthusiastically in the middle of the street will not be the same women they were before. Therefore, we, the revolutionary youth of Marivan neighborhoods, are determined to advance our struggle in a more organized form, as our comrades in Tehran and in Sanandaj do. So, we ask all others to join the movement and support the protests to continue. Let’s continue the struggle in any possible creative form. Alongside maintaining our own security, we will be able to continue the protests and gradually obtain more momentous and organized struggles.

Revolutionary Youth of Marivan
October 09, 2022

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