Haft-Tappeh Syndicate Solidarity Statement with the Oil Workers’ Strike

To our comrades and the oppressed:

The revolutionary upheaval by our daughters has entered its 4th week. Our protesting family has flooded the streets chanting “Woman, Life, Freedom,” demanding emancipation and equality through their magnificent struggle against oppression, exploitation, discrimination, and inequality.

To liberate us from discrimination and suffocation, our family on the streets needs our support and solidarity.

Under these conditions, where our family’s blood is shed on the street, the oil and petrochemical workers’ strike has brought about new hope and spirit into this struggle.

Our family’s righteous expectation is that their working fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters support them by ceasing the wheels of wealth production.

Today (Oct 10th, 2022), the initial spark of this solidarity and unity was set by the courageous petrochemical subcontractor workers in Bushehr, Abadan, and Asaluyeh refineries.

The solidarity of workers with their children, sisters, and brothers on the street is an urgent need of the movement.

In doing so, the Haft-Tappeh Sugar Cane Co. Syndicate welcomes the oil worker’s strikes and their support of the street protests.

Our children, sisters, and brothers expect workers in other industrial sectors to join the general strike, as there is no way out of oppression and exploitation except through unity and solidarity.

To the conscious workers:

The upheaval of women on the street needs our support. Women in this country have decided to make a great transformation through which the emancipation of women in other regions would also be possible. This great and admirable upheaval should be connected with workers’ strikes all over the country. For emancipation from discrimination, oppression, and poverty, for having bread and freedom, we shall not leave the women of revolution alone.

To the girls of sun and revolution:

On the day after your victory, the entire world will applaud you. You have taught us all important lessons on resistance and endurance.

Long live workers’ unity and solidarity for emancipation!
Let’s go for general strikes in all sectors of production!

Haft-Tappeh Sugar Cane Syndicate

October 10th, 2022

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