Revolutionary Youth of Marivan against the ban on women’s education in Afghanistan

The Revolutionary Youth of Marivan in the Kurdistan Province of Iran issued a statement about the women’s revolution in the Middle East. This was concurrent with the Taliban’s ban on women’s education and employment in Afghanistan:

Middle eastern women’s struggle for emancipation continues. Wherever there is oppression, there is also a struggle, and this is a prevailing rule. Women, especially young women, fight and resist the Taliban’s brutal oppression of women- which deprives them of their rights to live- by distributing tracts, writing slogans on the walls, going to the street, and using social media to convey their voices.

However, they are not being supported by men in their struggles and resistance, especially not by the intellectual ones. This is the same deviant and highly destructive attitude that the intellectuals and militant forces had towards women from the very beginning of the Tehran-Taliban’s –Islamic Republic’s–  rise to power and the implementation of the compulsory hijab edict. In fact, abandoning women in their struggles against misogynists reinforces the ruling reactionary power to escalate the oppression and exploitation of the society. Women’s subjugation will bring about subjugation for everyone. Concurrently with the “Women, life, freedom” uprising in Iran, women in the Middle East are organizing underground networks of revolutionary and equality-seeking women with the perspective of creating independent mass organizations of women.

The Revolutionary Youth of Marivan

December 2022

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