Video: Which bodies can resist the coronavirus? Part II


In a series of videos, we have been examining different sections of Iranian society and how prepared they are to survive the epidemic. In this video, we talk about workers in Iran, the fact that they are denied the right to independent unions and even the right to strike or protest; the reality of how they are brutally suppressed, imprisoned, flogged and tortured when they organize themselves; and that they are not even paid for their work. Most scandalous is the fact that delayed payment of wages, or not getting paid for whole periods, has become normalised in Iran. Months of unpaid work across different sectors do not get addressed in the media. Perhaps nowhere in the world’s capitalist economies do we see such blatant savagery against workers, for the benefit of the capitalists. This unparalleled brutality was nurtured by years of relentless war on labour activists & leftists , and the complete destruction of independent organizations defending workers’ rights. Now these defenceless, unjustly whipped and imprisoned bodies must resist the coronavirus.

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