We Are Desgoharan: The voice of Baluch Women Second Statement

After our first statement, so many of you asked who we are.

We answer briefly:

We are women activists from different parts of Sistan and Baluchistan province who have worked in different areas and groups for many years.

We have read books to children.

We have advocated for the rights of the undocumented and found ourselves trapped in the labyrinthian bureaucracy.

We have made honor killings a public issue as much as possible.

We have talked and written about child marriage.

We have advocated for the right to speak and write in one’s native language.

We have participated in the education of marginalized women and children.

We have tried to preserve our invisible and forgotten heritage.

And according to the times, we have taken very small steps so far.

We have failed and have been ignored and denied many times.

We have often encountered indifference in our society and found ourselves unable to even convey our voices to the domestic and foreign media.

But now these are new days, “Desgohari” days.

We didn’t have any social media activity. And we do not belong to any party or organization.

In order to distinguish ourselves from other groups that work in this field, we call ourselves “Desgoharan.”

Desgoharan continues the path of “Woman, Life, Freedom.”

* Desgohari is a friendly social tradition among Baluch women for empathy, companionship, help, and sisterhood.

From the Voice of Baluch Women Instagram page.

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